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BEE Your Possibilities Networking, August 2022

02.11.22 09:27 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)

Two days after Halloween and I discover that there are such a thing as Masked Bees.  These little bees are generally black and they look somewhat like wasps and they have  yellow or white markings on their face, like a mask.  They are of the genus Hylaeus of which there are approximat...

Grateful for BEEs and Networking - June 2022

06.07.22 09:10 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)
Grateful for BEEs and Networking - June 2022
Overview of BEE Your Possibilities June 2022 Networking meeting

Happy May - BEE Buzz

16.05.22 05:16 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)

May is a wonderful month - Mother's Day, Victoria Day, More Sunshine, Time to Plant and so much more.

This month I am sharing a little bit about BEEs and share some information on BEE Your Possibilities Networking.

BEE Your Possibilities February 2022

21.03.22 04:59 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)

Yay!  March is here. Spring is on it's way.  

I know, I know! March can be a tricky month.  Nice one day, cole and stormy the next as the season begins to change from being cold and snowing to beginning to warm up.

BEE Your Possibilities Networking 

05.11.21 05:36 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)
BEE Your Possibilities Networking 
Summary of October 13, 2021 Meeting