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About Us

Charmaine Grace
Law of Attraction Life Coach, Passion Test Facilitator

Charmaine Grace is the owner of Your Next Step to Possibility, a coaching company.  Clients include women 47 plus who are empty-nesters or newly retired and asking themselves, 

"What's next for me?" 

Her mission is to reignite your hope and belief in what's possible for you.


Her journey to become a life coach began when she was asked to be a winery tour guide.  Terrified, she accepted the job because, as a single parent with 2 small children she needed to increase her confidence. That was her first step into new possibilities.

Charmaine Grace, Law of Attraction Life Coach, Passion Test Facilitator

As a tour guide she discovered she loved speaking to groups.  A fellow tour guide introduced her to Toastmasters and she joined, initially to learn to create presentations and soon found herself on the leadership track.  She enjoyed inspiring and coaching the people she was leading and started doing presentation skills coaching to help others put together presentations and speak with confidence. She created programs and presented at many Toastmaster conferences.

Friendships developed at Toastmaster had Charmaine teaming up with two others and becoming a founding member of Triangle Seminars.  This led to speaking gigs and she joined the Hamilton Speakers Association, which later became the Hamilton Niagara Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).  She was awarded Showcase Speaker of the Year and invited to speak at the CAPS conference in Toronto.  It was amazing.

Charmaine started volunteering to speak for the Canadian Cancer Society.  She received training from the Society on Healthy Food Choices the weekend it was discovered that her mother had terminal cancer.

The Cancer Society provided training on presenting their risk reduction messaging. This training was something Charmaine suggested they bring to the volunteers in Niagara and next thing she knew she was training the Niagara Cancer Society volunteers.  And she loved it.  She sat for several years on the Niagara Council of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Her presentation coaching evolved into life coaching before she even knew what it was. When a guest at a Toastmaster meeting introduced herself as a Life Coach the seed was planted.  It took a few years for it to sprout and that's when she formed Your Next Step to Possibility. She trained with the author of The Passion Test to facilitate Workshops and consulting and that led to training as a Law of Attraction Life Coach with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

Charmaine has all kinds of other life experience including driving a fork-lift; studying to be an industrial maintenance mechanic; dispatching heavy construction; employment equity facilitator on the first Equity in Construction Demonstration Project in Ontario; being an Officer Cadet, Admin. Officer for the 2835 Cadet Corps; office worker; Sales Services Coordinator; and more.

Her passions and joy include her family and grandchildren and her clients.  She loves helping others help themselves by reigniting their own hope and belief in themselves. She is Your Next Step to Possibility!

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Life Experience:

• Mother of two grown children, step-mother, 

      Grandmother to 3

• Retired Officer Cadet from Canadian Armed Forces              2835 Artillery Cadet Corps

• Volunteered with Canadian Cancer Society for 20 years         as Speaker and Training volunteers

• Toastmasters International member for 22 years,         achieved Distinguished Toastmaster Award as a         leader and communicator

Work History: a very eclectic background

Successes include: 

  First woman to clean tanks in Canada's oldest and largest winery at the time

  Lift truck operator

  From Clerk Typist to Dispatcher for heavy construction industry

  Developed system to record maintenance on heavy equipment

  Increased income in company's waste container service

  Peters and Bragagnolo Human Resources (company with her father) 

            They won contract as Facilitators on Ontario's first Equity in Construction project

  Reduced site grievances and saved money for the government, the Unions, and the Contractors on the construction of that building in Niagara Falls

  Took Construction Career workshops into grades 6-8 in Niagara Falls Schools including an equity component.  Very well received.

  Collaborated with the Council of Construction Association to create a booklet on construction careers that went into high schools in Ontario. 


    Facilitation Certificate from
    Niagara College

    Diploma in Business Administration,     Operations Management, Niagara College

    Officer Cadet Training at Camp Borden

    Certificate as a Life Coach from Quantum     Success Coaching Academy

  ● Certificate as Passion Test Facilitator from
      Enlightened Alliances

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