• What do YOU want in your life?

    You've taken care of the kids, and / or the parents, 

    Provided for the family: through work or career

    Now you are waking up to the feeling that, "there has to be more to my life."

    and asking yourself, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" 

    Is it time to step into . . . what's possible for you?


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Photo of Charmaine Grace, Life Coach in Niagara
Charmaine Grace Law of Attraction Life Coach

Your Next Step to Possibility - is YOU!

If you are feeling that there has to be more to life than what you are living - you are right.  

There is more to life for you. 

I was where you are now and it took me a long time to realize that there are other possibilities to step into. I just needed help seeing them.

I believe that you have what it takes to make a positive difference in your life; 

  • that you have your own super powers buried under years of caring for others and the business of life 
  • that you have value and are worthy of more
  • that you can do what you love and love what you do
  • that you can dream a vision of a life that you want to step into
  • that you are a powerful being whose purpose is to learn and grow and live in joy!

My role, as a life coach, is to help you find those possibilities that are within you and bring them out into the open so that you are able to

  • Recognize your super powers 
  • Know your value
  • Do what you love and love what you do
  • Reignite your hope and the belief in yourself that was buried years ago so that you could take care of your other responsibilities. 
  • Reawaken your dreams, and
  • Create a future that you want to step into. 

Your First Step:         Get you clear on what it is you want!


 That starts with a complimentary Possibility conversation that you can book here: 


Life Coaching

Coaching is a means of moving clients forward towards his/her dreams and desires.  This takes learning and restructuring old beliefs and fears.  It is about changing the habits and behaviours that hold one back so she/he can get clear on what they want so he/she can step into that possibility - with passion and purpose.

Effective coaching requires a commitment in time, action, and at times, discomfort to move one from where she/he is at the start of coaching until he/she is confidently stepping into those possibilities.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is similar to one-on-one coaching except you learn to take your next step with others.  This means your steps may be different, yet together you share the learning and restructuring old beliefs and fears with others.  It is a form of masterminding where the combined experience, curiosity, and challenges help you change your habit and behaviours so you can take your next step.

Some people even feel a group gives more accountability and incentive to step into your own possibilities. 

The Passion Test is a form of Group Coaching.  It has a separate page


Sharing the message of taking next steps, with examples and experience helps to inspire groups of people to consider taking those possibility steps

I would love to introduce your group to the possibility of taking next steps - in life, at work, in business, and even in relationships.

Topics include: 

Taking Your Next Step

Live your Passions

Embracing Change


Charmaine is an incredible coach.  She is an expert at identifying what is holding you back and opening your mind to see what truly is possible for you.  I love working with her.  She truly cares about her clients and cleaerly loves what she does.       Darlene Curlee, Blanco TX,  Personal Coach

Charmaine Grace is passionate about helping people find their passion and helping them begin on a journey.        Julie Stobbe, Beamsville, ON Home Organizer

Charmaine is a great Coach.  She is able to help you set clear steps towards achieving your overall goals for work, relationships and life in general.  She is compassionate and gives advice without "whitewashing" the situation.           Mary Helwig Hall, Hamilton, ON, Solutions in Math

Charmaine took me through the Passion Test in a way that was fantastic. She was gentle enough to bring out my passions but hard enough to push me into realizing and making some challenging realizations and  decisions. It was an awakening for me that no other training or seminars have been able to do!! Game changer for my life. She also helped me with my 15-year-old daughter to go through the process and create her own vision board. Charmaine gave her the tools and confidence to really look at herself and what she wants for her future. As a mom it was  awe inspiring to watch her go through this process. Highly recommend The Passion Test but most of all to pair it with Charmaine to really get your focus on what is really important! Love you Girl!!

                       Laurie Kroeker, Welland, ON, Sunshine on Your Mind