Passion Test Workshop - May 4th

Passion Test

Discover YOUR Next Step to Possibility
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Passion Test Book cover. Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose

What does it mean to live a Passionate life?

More excitement, fulfillment, thrilling, purposeful! 

It is all about feeling good. . .

  • About You because
  • You feel the purpose in your life; 
  • You feel passionate about what you're doing; 
  • You are exited about how you spend your days;
  • You love your life and 
  • You know you are making a valuable contribution

Discover your real passions!

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What Is the Passion Test? 

The Passion Test® is a simple, powerful system and set of tools to help you understand the key elements needed to live a happy fulfilled life.

Studies show that less than 20 percent of people  worldwide are passionate about what they do. 

The creator of the Passion Test learned this and that the happiest, most successeful people live in alignment with what is most important to them. When she understood that if she knew what was most important to her, she could be happy and successful too.  That is what inspired her to create ​The Passion Test®     

Charmaine was introduced to the Passion Test by a friend who was in a mentoring group with Janet Attwood. She attended a Passion Test workshop long before it was even a book.  At that first Passion Test workshop, Charmaine discovered she wanted to travel to Japan.  She credits that first test with planting the seed that she could make that happen.  And she did, using the Passion Test formula for living your passions:

Woman enjoying the sunshine and her life because she is living her purpose


She went to Japan that year, and twice more.  And that is what inspired Charmaine to become a Certified Passion Test Facilitator

Three Choices to Start Living Your Passions!

1. Buy the book

Read the book and follow 

the instructions to take yourself 

through the Passion Test process.

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2. Attend the Workshop

The 3-hour group workshop is a fun way to discover your top 5 passions and how they will make your life more enjoyable.

Next Workshop May 4, 2024

3. Live Your Possibility

This individual 3-session program takes you through the complete Passion Test process to create a vision of your future to step into.

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Session 1:  Take the Passion Test

Session 2:  Tools to handle life challenges 

Session 3:  Create your vision of a passionate life

"I feel like I've come back to me."

is what people say after taking our 

Live Your Possibility program