Happy May - BEE Buzz

16.05.22 05:16 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)

May is a wonderful month - Mother's Day, Victoria Day, More Sunshine, Time to Plant and so much more.

This month I am sharing a little bit about BEEs and share some information on BEE Your Possibilities Networking.

Working with the Laws of Attraction

10.05.22 09:11 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)

Does the Law of Attraction really work? 

Yes, it does! It is a universal law that works whether you believe it does or not. 

I was thinking about how best to describe how this Law of Attraction works.  

Gravity is a universal law that works whether we believe it or not.   ...

Transition into . . . You!

21.03.22 06:45 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)
Transition into . . . You!

Spring means changes in the weather with temperature ups and downs.  One day rain, the next snow.  Yet things are surely changing. .  Are you prepared for the ups and downs of transitioning into spring?  Winter does not want to let go.  Spring wants to take a firm hold....

BEE Your Possibilities February 2022

21.03.22 04:59 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)

Yay!  March is here. Spring is on it's way.  

I know, I know! March can be a tricky month.  Nice one day, cole and stormy the next as the season begins to change from being cold and snowing to beginning to warm up.

Resistance is Futile

26.11.21 04:41 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)
Resistance is Futile
Fear of most types when facing an rejection or success is resistance. Resisting the resistance makes it stronger and keeps us stuck in that very emotion we want to avoid.