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BEE Your Possibilities Networking, August 2022

02.11.22 09:27 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)

Two days after Halloween and I discover that there are such a thing as Masked Bees.  These little bees are generally black and they look somewhat like wasps and they have  yellow or white markings on their face, like a mask.  They are of the genus Hylaeus of which there are approximat...

Grateful for BEEs and Networking - June 2022

06.07.22 09:10 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)
Grateful for BEEs and Networking - June 2022
Overview of BEE Your Possibilities June 2022 Networking meeting

Working with the Laws of Attraction

10.05.22 09:11 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)

Does the Law of Attraction really work? 

Yes, it does! It is a universal law that works whether you believe it does or not. 

I was thinking about how best to describe how this Law of Attraction works.  

Gravity is a universal law that works whether we believe it or not.   ...

Transition into . . . You!

21.03.22 06:45 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)
Transition into . . . You!

Spring means changes in the weather with temperature ups and downs.  One day rain, the next snow.  Yet things are surely changing. .  Are you prepared for the ups and downs of transitioning into spring?  Winter does not want to let go.  Spring wants to take a firm hold....

BEE Your Possibilities February 2022

21.03.22 04:59 PM By Charmaine - Comment(s)

Yay!  March is here. Spring is on it's way.  

I know, I know! March can be a tricky month.  Nice one day, cole and stormy the next as the season begins to change from being cold and snowing to beginning to warm up.