Passion Test Workshop

The Secret to Living a More Meaningful Life

is in the things you want more of in your life - the things you love - Your Passions

When you are living those things you feel more purposeful, more passionate about what you are doing.

You are excited about how you spend your days.  You love your life and

You feel like you are making a valuable contribution and that adds more passion to your life.

To discover your true Passion

Take the Passion Test®

The Passion Test®is a system, a tool, that helps you understand the key elements you need to live a happy, fulfilled life.

Studies show that happy, successful people are clear on their top passions and they have those passions present in their daily lives.

The Passion Test®gives you. . . 

      • The formula for creating what you choose in your life
      • Your top five passions - the things that are most important to you
      • Alignment with those passions

. . . so you can add more life to your life!  More energy, excitement, purpose and motivation!

A more fulfilling Life!

                          Our Next Online Passion Test                                       

                                   Saturday, August 20, 2022      

                                          10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

                                     Fee:   $60.00

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Passion Test Workshop