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January 21st Passion Test Workshop

What does it mean to live a passionate life?

- excitement, fulfillment, thrilling, purposeful - 

You feel the purpose in your life; 

You feel passionate about what you're doing; 

You are exited about how you spend your days;

You love your life and 

You know you are making a valuable contribution

How do you discover your real passions?

Take The Passion Test!

The Passion Test® is a tool, a system, to help you understand the 

key elements needed to live that happy, fulfilled life.

Happy, successful people are clear on their top passions 

and those passions are present in their daily lives. 

The Passion Test® gives you . . .

  • The formula for creating what you choose in your life
  • Your top five passions -- the things most important to you at this time
  • The secret to living in alignment with your passions, and
  • The keys to living life aligned with passion . . .

                . . . so that you can step into your more fulfilling life.  What a possibility!

Based on the book, shown above, you can take The Passion Test® one of three ways:

1.  Buy the book

Read the book and follow the instructions to take yourself through the Passion Test process

2. Attend the Workshop

The 3-hour group workshop is a fun way to discover your top 5 passions and how they will make your life more enjoyable

3. Live the Life You Love

Individual indepth program takes you through the complete Passion Test process to create a vision of your future 


  • Having Charmaine as a Passion Test Facilitator was a true gift!  She guided me through the process with gentleness and inspiration. I was amazed at how the process worked and pleasantly surprised with my results. I was even more amazed at how my life changed as a result of implementing the tools that Charmaine shared as she led me through the Passion Test. She inspired me so much and had such a positive impact on me.  I highly recommend allowing Charmaine Grace to impact your life in the most positive way.  ~ Stacy Miller, 2019

  • Charmaine took me through the Passion Test (1:1 Consultancy) in a way that was fantastic.  She was gentle enough to bring out my passions, but hard enough to push me into realizing and making challenging decisions.  It was an awakening for me that no other training or seminars have been able to do! Game changer for my life.  She also helped my 15-year old daughter to go through the process and create her own vision board.  Charmaine gave her the tools and confidence to really look at herself and what she wants in her future.  As a mom, it was awe inspiring to watch her go through the process.  I highly recommend the Passion Test, but most of all, to pair it with Charmaine to really get your focus on what is really important! - Laurie Kroeker, March 2020

  • I recently completed Charmaine’s Passion Consultancy. This is much more than inspirational, although it is very inspiring. Charmaine expertly guided me to discover what is most important to me for enduring joy. She gave me tools to recognize success and to monitor my progress as well as coping mechanisms to manage anxiety. During this course, I was able let go of some fears and concerns that were holding me back from achieving a full joyful life and to redefine my goals and expectations. There were surprises! I am now equipped with tools and strategies to continue this journey and actualize through mindful intent and action a truly joyful life. Thank you, Charmaine.     ~ Ron Thomas, June 2021

  • I would encourage anyone asking themselves if they need a life coach to contact and meet with Charmaine Grace of Your Next Step to Possibilities. She has a style and approach that is welcoming, positive, supportive, encouraging and so very insightful. Her ability allows you to feel good about yourself.  I thoroughly enjoyed the one-on-one Passion Test course she did with me.  What I found, even after it was over, is the I find myself focusing on the concepts and ideas and continue to use them in my life.  It was that powerful.  I plan on spending more time with her as a private client.  This is an investment in myself that will take me to the next level - something that's worth more on so many levels. Charmaine is a Law of Attraction Life Coach that proves it really works - Brenda Toth, July 2021
January 21 Passion Test Workshop

Is the Passion Test right for you?  

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on which Passion Test option is best for you. 

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