Transition into . . . You!

21.03.22 06:45 PM By Charmaine

Spring is springing up all around.

Spring means changes in the weather with temperature ups and downs.  One day rain, the next snow.  Yet things are surely changing. .  Are you prepared for the ups and downs of transitioning into spring?  Winter does not want to let go.  Spring wants to take a firm hold.  We know the weather is going to give us nice days and some not so nice days.  And that’s okay.  That’s what life is all about.

Whenever you want to make life changes you are faced with a similar period of transition.  Your 'winter' self wants to keep you where you are.  Yes, it does.  It resists or resents the changing temperatures and the mud and rain that comes with early spring - even though you eagerly await the season.  Your 'spring' self wants everything to change now, today!  The calendar says spring, bring on the sunshine, the flowers, the warm days. You resist and resent the period of transition that is so necessary with the change of season.

When you are making a life transition you face the ups and downs that are not as obvious as the change from winter to spring.  You will have good, productive days, and you will have days filled with doubt, fears, and procrastination that can keep you stuck where you are. Learning to take the good with the bad is how you develop strenth and stamina, compassion and patience.  And that is what will bring the person you want to become into being.

There will be Resistance

Resisting the ups and downs is futile.  You cannot control the weather.  You can, however, control your reaction to it.  I remember in my much younger days making plans and threatening the powers that be with, "It better not rain!" as if I would be able to punish them if it did.  Today, I am learning to accept what I cannot control, like the weather.  I realize that wasting my energy on thinkgs like rain, or snow, or cloudy, windy days, actually steals my energy and my power.  This reduces me to either a hostile, frustrated, miserable being; or a helpless, hopeless, miserable victim.  I do not want to be either.

So, how do you deal with life issues that you cannot change.  In this article, I am only talking about the weather.  Life brings you many things you have no control over.  Let's start with the weather and start accepting it for what it is -- something you cannot control. If you cannot change it, accept that you cannot change it.  This gives you more energy and power to look for what you CAN do about it.  

Example: instead of getting angry at the weather, dress in layers so you can add to, or take off depending on the temperature.  Keep your boots and umbrellas handy.  If you cannot start working in your garden yet, you can start seeds inside and you can plan for the nicer days ahead.

What can you do for your business?  As the weather gets nicer so are you opportunities to meet in person, attend conferences and/or meetings.  Start preparing that elevator pitch, your next presentation, for that next business meeting or luncheon.  Use this time of transition to do just that - transition into your desired future. 

The Past is History

One thing you cannot do anything about is your past.  While you cannot take it back, or have a do-over, you can change your response to it in the present.  That's why it is called a gift.  You can stop blaming the past for your present.  Stop using it as an excuse to stay stuck.  When you continue to use your past as an excuse for how you are today, it prevents you from seeing what could be possible now. You unknowingly create more of the same past for your future.  Is that what you want?

Know that in you past, you did the best that you could with wqhat you had. You can re-write it as you would have wanted it to be.  You can ask yourself, "What would you do differently today? What conditions can you change?

"Nothing happens to us, it happens for us!" is a lesson I learned when I certified as a Passion Test® facilitator.  Knowing this helps you face your present with tools that help you deal with the life you are living today.  Those lessons learned from your past can be valuable learning experiences.  They can also show you strengths and abilities that you couldn't see before.

The Future is Yours to Create

Look forward into your future to find what you want in your life.  Notice that I said, "What You want in Your life." Many people are so busy putting others first that they have forgotten what they want.  The time to transition into your future you is to start looking forward to what you want.  Dare to dream a new possibility.  Dare to set goals for creating that vision.

"Goals are stepping stones into your future!"
Charmaine Grace

Funny, but I never realized that goals really are stepping stones into the future.  I was always challenged when writing goals because I could not believe that I could have the results I wanted. Now that I see how important they really are, I know that I have to work on believing that I can have what I want.  Goals are the foundation of any vision that you dare to dream about.  The dream is the idea that something is possible and it is your first step to creating that reality.

Your are a powerful being.  Powerful because you have the ability to dream a new idea.  Powerful because you have the ability to think.  Powerful because you can take that new idea and with those thoughts, you can figure out how to bring that dream into reality.

That is how the all the material things humankind has created came to be. First an idea (aka - a dream), say a chair to sit on.  Then the vision of life with that chair is created - Seeing yourself sitting on that chair.  Once you commit to making that dream vision a reality, you find yourself getting more ideas and take inspired actions that show you the how. Goals are set to guide your actions and keep your focus.  And then, one day, you are enjoying what started out as a simple idea and you are enjoying sitting on that chair that was once just an idea.

Are you Ready?

Transitioning from winter to spring is one thing.  What about transitioning into a new you? A Life Coach is an excellent guide to help you through the ups and downs of making change. If you are ready to transition from where you are, a good start is to have a chat about where you want to be, recognizing the possible obstacles and roadblocks, and creating a plan to step into that new you.

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