Resistance is Futile

26.11.21 04:41 PM By Charmaine

What are you Resisting?

I was reading an article about releasing resistance by Christy Whitman, Author, Quantum Success Coaching Academy, 

She explains how we know that we are resisting something by how we are feeling.  When we feel strong negative emotions, we are in some kind of resistance. Usually, we are resisting something outside of our self that we have little or no control over. 

Or, it could be that we are resisting what we are feeling.  We don't want these feelings so we are trying to push them down.  The thing is, the worse we feel, the more we resist and the more we resist, the worse we feel.  Have you noticed that?

"But I don't like these feelings so I must resist them," you tell yourself.  How's that working for you?

I've just been going through some powerful resistance.  Fighting against the fear and anxiety rising up in me as I begin whole heartedly to market myself and my business.  The anxiety and fear are telling me to STOP - don't do it!  You know you are not good enough.  You know that you can't have success.  You know that no one you know supports you or believes in you or what you do.  Give it up! Stay the helpless, hopeless little girl who gives in easily, works hard to please others before herself because everyone else is more important than you are.  Go lay down, sleep, or eat, or watch television.  Give up! What's the point!

The point is - that I am valuable and I am worthy of taking control (finally) of my life and my feelings.  I have done great things and I have helped many people.  There are more great things for me to do and more people to help find their possibilities. 

And you are valuable and worthy of taking control of your life.

I coach others.  I am an excellent coach.  I  build my business, sell my services, help other people find their hope and their belief in themselves.

Resistance to new truths hold me back and keep me small and feeling bad about myself. 

So I ask myself, "what am I resisting?"

I am resisting the possibility of success; of loving what I do and doing what I love.  I am resisting creating an income that will give me freedom to travel and to help more people. 

I am resisting believing in myself, loving myself. I am resisting allowing myself to step into my passions, purpose and power. 

What are You resisting?

To release the resistance it is important to notice it, acknowledge what it is and accept it.  Surprisingly the next step is to allow the feeling and actually feel it.  Sit with it and ask it, "What are you here for?"  Know that these fears are based on old beliefs and their purpose is to protect us, except that is not what they are doing now.  This resistance to our feelings of fear, rejection, failure and success, is keeping us feeling small and bad about our selves.  It is stopping us from taking our Next Steps into our possibilities. 

Resistance is futile.  Accept what you are feeling.  Have a little chat with your resistance about what you really want.  You are no longer that helpless little girl (or boy) who needs to hide her strength, deny her worth, and give up her life to please others.

Recognize that it is time to be strong, to acknowledge your worth, and to take back your right to feel good about yourself and what you do.  When you do that, the resistance will dissipate and you will discover renewed energy, creativity, and the power within to step into your possibilities.

When you are feeling 'Stuck' that is resistance  holding you back. The services of a life coach will help you understand and change the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck; will help you clarify what you want now in your life and believe in the possibility of your dreams. Book a Next Step Discovery call with me and let's chat about who and where you want to be. 

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