Grateful for BEEs and Networking - June 2022

06.07.22 09:10 PM By Charmaine

Why We are Grateful for BEEs

BEEs are Pollinators. 

About 1 in every 3 bites of food we eat is a result of pollination<span style="font-size:14.0pt;font-size:11.0pt;">[1]</span> by insects and animals. Pollinators collect nectar from flowers and spread the pollen to other plants.  That is how plants reproduce.  It allows the plants to reproduce new flowers, and more importantly new seeds. BEEs make our plants grow.

That makes me think of networking groups.  We meet new people and spread information about our businesses to other business people.  Like pollen is necessary for the growth of many plants, networking is necessary to the growth of businesses.  As we interact with each other, we spread information (pollen) about what we do and how we do it.  Then other people (BEEs) recognize how we can help each other, or they share our information with others and sales are made and business grow.

Remember that networking is –

1.  Relationship based – important for finding, developing and leveraging relationships. 

2.  Developmental – in that it is a process for creating and developing trust; and

3.  Reciprocal - when we develop relationships we focus on each other’s needs, interests, and situation. We do business with people we know like and trust.

June Business Building - Practices for a Happy and Healthy You!

In this meeting our topic was Gratitude.  Member, Wendy Jeckell shared with us a valuable Business Building Tip with the topic, Practices for a Happy and Healthy You!

Wendy started by sharing with us an article about how fortunate we are here in Canada and listed the advantages of gratitude for a happy healthy you. That list includes:

·  Stress reduction

·  Improves our health

·  Improved resilience

·  Improves friendships

·  Helps us sleep

·  Makes us Happier


She suggested that we challenge ourselves to write down our gratitudes as this helps us notice more good things and gives us a record of the good in our lives.

30-Day Gratitude Challenge

To help us get the benefits of being grateful, Wendy suggested we find a journal and a pen and write out daily what we are grateful for. Try to do at least 10 days in a row and see how it affects you. Then carry on for 30 days.  It makes a difference. 

She went on to discuss Positivity reminding us that each of us is responsible for what happens to us.  She suggested living in the positive present moment and leaving the negative past behind.

Setting Your Intention:

You can remember your gratitudes and to be more positive by Setting Your Intention. Having a clear intention helps you focus on your purpose and goals, determines your mood and causes you to be a more conscious creator.  It sets the foundation of what you’d like to have, feel, and experience.

Wendy suggests setting your intentions in a positive tone and gave steps to fulfill it:  Be simple and be clear and shift any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. 

Thank you, Wendy. We are grateful to have you. 

Business Buzz

This month we passed on the Business Buzz.  This is a section of the meeting where one of our business owners go into more depth about their business, how it helps others, and ways we can help her.  In this meeting we went into more depth in our introductions so this was actually covered then.

Business Challenges

Our May challenge was how to find time around a full time job to focus on my personal business.  The solutions chosen were to. . .

·  Create a to-do list of 5-10 things to work on during the month, and

·  Go into workplace an hour early at least one day a week to work on her business.

This raised a good question for our June Challenge.  Julie asked, "what happens when a client says, 

“How are you going to make me do it?”

A great discussion followed.  Here are some suggestions:

·  Ask them, “Why did you hire me?”

·  Ask them, “What motivates you?” and say it back to them

·  Ask them, “What is your priority right now, in the moment?”

·  When people are overwhelmed with life – ask them how they can reduce the overwhelm and suggest that it can be reduced by taking action.

·  Remind them, “I cannot make you do anything.  You are paying me the ‘big bucks’ to help motivate you to do what you are paying for.”

These ideas are useful to all of us.  They focus on putting the question back to the client and helps them find their answers.

We also talked about remembering to ask people to like our Facebook pages.  And suggestions for putting a presentation together were shared.

BEE Take Aways

Our networkers had these take-aways from the session.

·  Helpful and comfortable

·  30 day Gratitude Challenge

·  Reminder to appreciate my family – put in front of the gratitude journal

·  Putting a presentation together. 

Our BEE Your Possibilities Networking meetings always surprise me.  
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