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BEE Your Possibilities Networking was created because BEE the Buzz Niagara (BEE Niagara)'s founder, Carolyn Shannon, decided to retire BEE Niagara.  I had been a member for a number of years and I loved the monthly meeting, the people, the connections and the learning. 

I had been thinking about starting a learning group, and or a mastermind, yet I was procrastinating.

When Carolyn announced that January 2021 would be the last meeting, I suddenly heard myself asking if I could take over her meeting time - the second Wednesday of the month from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m.  Carolyn was excited and instantly told me that would be great.  In the same breath she said, "and I have a name for you.  You can call it BEE Your Possibilities!"  

I was shocked, and excited, and scared, and excited.  I adopted the name and the time slot.  Speaking with my friend Jocelyne, she suggested that I create an acronym for BEE.  Hmm!  Good idea, yet what could it mean?  Quickly we came up with 

Build, Educate and Empower.

Networking groups are meant to provide a space for creating relationships where people can Build their network, Educate others on what they do, and Empower themselves to build their business and their networks.

And that's how BEE Your Possibilities Networking was born.  Come join out hive. 

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BEEs are fascinating creatures!    

Summer 2021 I really learned to appreciate the BEES.  My initial facination came from membership in BEE Niagara.  It was a name of a group with some BEE mascots. Yet, basically it was a networking group.  

When I took on the day and time of BEE Niagara and Carolyn suggested calling it BEE Your Possibilities, I started looking into BEEs and how they are like a network.  Honeybees were the first bees I looked at.  I watched David Suzuki's The Nature of Things show on A Bee's Diary.  Facinating!  Vic and I watched it together and learned a lot about bees.  

Then summer came and my oregano bloomed and the bush was full of honey bees and other kinds of bees.  Then the mint bloomed attracting more honeybees.  I could watch them at work for hours - so focused and busy, anything but something to be afraid of.  

And then there were the Bumblebees   

In all my many years, I have not really paid attention to the bumblebees.  They are large and fuzzy, so black and yellow.  They look soft and cuddly and I remember my young Mandy at the time thinking how soft they looked.  When she picked it up, she got stung, and learned a very valuable lesson about bumblebees.  Let them do their thing and they won't bother you.

This past summer there was what seemed to be a lone bumble bee that flitted back and forth across the driveway to gather nectar and pollen from our hostas that had magnificent blooms.  That bee seemed to enjoy the giant white blooms and flew back and forth, back and forth.  

I learned today, that bumblebees are excellent pollinators and they do what is called Buzz Pollination.  Their large bodies and beating wings literally vibrate the flowers to release pollen.  They beat their wings at 130 beats per second or more.  And according to what I read, Buzz pollination helps plants produce more fruit.  Fascinating. 

BEE Your Possibilities and BUZZ Pollination

As I was reading through the article again, I realized that Buzz Pollination is what happens in a networking group.  This is how I see it happening.  People start positively vibrating about their business and themselves.  This creates energy, excitement and enthusiasm, in themselves and others.  This stimulates thinking and creativity.  It leads to caring and sharing.  And this leads to more positive production and achievement that produces more ‘fruit’ in your business. 

BEE a Bumblebee and vibrate each other to bee more of who you are because then you are pollinating your network. 

Speaking of networking, check out BEE Your Possibilities Next networking meeting.  We meet the second Wednesday of the month, online, on Zoom, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Lunch is on you!   Please register so we can send you the link.  click the button below. 

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