BEE Your Possibilities Networking

Meeting the second Wednesday of the month - On Zoom

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BEE Your Possibilities Networking was created because BEE the Buzz Niagara (BEE Niagara)'s founder, Carolyn Shannon, decided to retire BEE Niagara.  I had been a member for a number of years and I loved the monthly meeting, the people, the connections and the learning. 

I had been thinking about starting a learning group, and or a mastermind, yet I was procrastinating.

When Carolyn announced that January 2021 would be the last meeting, I suddenly heard myself asking if I could take over her meeting time - the second Wednesday of the month from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m.  Carolyn was excited and instantly told me that would be great.  In the same breath she said, "and I have a name for you.  You can call it BEE Your Possibilities!"  

I was shocked, and excited, and scared, and excited.  I adopted the name and the time slot.  Speaking with my friend Jocelyne, she suggested that I create an acronym for BEE.  Hmm!  Good idea, yet what could it mean?  Quickly we came up with 

Build, Educate and Empower.

Networking groups are meant to provide a space for creating relationships. 

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