An invitation for Women 47+: Empty Nesters, Retirees, and Women

 Ready to put themselves at the top of their "To Do" list

Put Yourself First
Mini Retreat

A gift for your Very Important Self

Time to connect and reflect on what 

brings you Purpose and Joy!

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We start Monday, 

March 14, 2022

Join me for this BRAND NEW 5-Day Mini Retreat

Give yourself 30-minutes a day to reduce your stress and connect with what you want more of in your life. This is the gift of reflecting on your purpose and joy.

You will receive one video link a day, by email, with the topic of the day and a Question or comment to reflect upon.  This will cover day 1 - 4.

Day Five Masterclass will be online Friday, March 18, at 3:00 p.m. EST. The link will be emailed to you before hand. 

Here's what we'll cover: 

  • Day 1:   You are a V.I.P. Put you on top of your 'To Do' list
  • Day 2:  What keeps you off of your 'To Do' list?
  • Day 3:  What awakens your joy?
  • Day 4:  How can you put yourself first?
  • Day 5:  Masterclass - Create Put Yourself First Plan!
Yes! I'm in!


Get yourself a journal to write down your reflections over the first four days.

On day five, when we put it all together, you can create your 2022 V.I.P. Plan for "Putting You First" on your TO-DO list.  

Remember to look for the Day 1 - 4 Videos

They will include the zoom link and I will be online at 7 in the evening if you have any questions.

Day 5 Masterclass will be Friday March 18 at 3:00 p.m. EST

You'll have access to

Daily Trainings

Short daily videos and simple tasks, will connect you with what you want,

what holds you back, and motivate you

to create a strategy that connects

 with your purpose and joy.


Get accountability, support 

and have some fun in the 

Put Yourself First 

Facebook Group.


Get the most out of the 

Mini V.I.P. Retrea  

by participating daily for 

feedback and support.

Charmaine Grace

Life Coach, Group Facilitator and Speaker  


Her mission is to reignite your sparks of hope

and a belief in yourself that empowers you 

to step into your life with

purpose and joy. 

She believes that everyone has what it takes 

to make a positive difference in their own life; 

    • that you have your own super powers buried under years of caring for others and the business of life 
    • that you have value and are worthy of more
    • that you can do what you love and love what you do
    • that you can dream a vision of a life that you want to step into
    • that you are a powerful being whose purpose is to learn and grow and live in joy!


"Charmaine Grace is passionate about helping people find their passion and helping them begin on a journey."

- Julie Stobbe, Mind Over Clutter


"Charmaine is a great Coach.  She is able to help you set clear steps towards achieving your overall goals for work, relationships and life in general.  She is compassionate and gives advice without "whitewashing" the situation.

- Mary Helwig Hall, Solutions in Math

"I encourage anyone asking themselves if they need a life coach to contact Charmaine Grace.  She has a style and approach that is welcoming, positive, supportive and so very insightful."

- Brenda Toth

You are a very important person!

You deserve to reconnect with your own purpose and joy!  Give yourself the gift of 30 minutes a day to do so!

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